Our Services

Our services are guaranteed by a long term partnership with the University of Bari “Aldo Moro” and a skilled team involved in innovation technologies and instruments. The following services are provided:

Knowledge, survey and analysis of coastal system.

We provide large scale detailed surveys (core samplings, anemometric analysis, waves and tides measurements) and release thematic maps with geomorphological, morpho-topographical and bathymetric features.
We apply hydrodynamic equations to develop flooding models of storm impacts.

Technologies and innovation for coastal and continental surveys.

We realize topographic, geological, geomorphological, bathymetric, environmental and archeological surveys by means of terrestrial laser scanner (LST), DGPS techniques, Side Scan Sonar, Multibeam, LIDAR and satellite images, both in coastal and land environment.

Coastal dynamics analysis.

The knowledge of how physical and geomorphological parameters evolve in time is very important to support public and private stakeholders for a correct coastal management. We monitor the coastal dynamics with a qualitative and quantitative approach by means of continuous studies and analyses of meteorological and marine data, petrographic and sedimentary features, digital terrain models (DSM/DTM), volumes involved into coastal-dune system, anthropic impacts on sedimentary balances.

Support in management of natural parks, reserves and protected areas.

We provide specific consulting and assistance for the proper management of protected areas, reserves and natural parks thanks to a strong expertise on scientific researches, projects and publications on national and international scientific journals.

Support in coastal system management based on detailed analyses.

We fully plan optimal solutions for morphological recovery and restore of coastal systems in accordance with the national and regional guidelines.

Courses and conferences on environment knowledge.

We care for the continuous education and divulgation of the correct knowledge of territory and environment; we organize professional / scientific training courses and conferences focused on the knowledge and management of environmental risks